'Filcher & Crook' is a three-part short form comedy for Channel 4 Comedy Blaps by Writer/Director Simon Wegrzyn and Produced by Mighty Fine Productions.

Evangeline De’Salle is the vindictive but glamorous magnate of famous fur fashion house – Haus of De’Salle. From a Siberian Tiger Gilet to a Burka made from Wombles, Evangeline reigned supreme in the world of fashion until a violent anti-fur movement exposed her for the criminal she was. But habits are hard to break when you're a world famous fashion mogul - and soon Evangeline forms a villainous plot to secretly hunt humans instead. Humans with one defining feature - Ginger Hair!

A ginger twist on the classic '101 Dalmatians' story.

Starring Tim Downie, Emily Joyce, Dean Nolan and Oliver Scullion.

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